Corvette C7 il motore....

 LT-1!!!!2014 Corvette engine - 6.2 450HP/ 450 Torque under 4 seconds 0-60mph!

(LT1) 6.2L V8 with cylinder deactivation will drop to 3.1 V4 for better fuel economy

450hp or more! 0-60 in less than 4 seconds

Engine to be built at Tonawanda engine plant in Buffalo. 99% new - Power curve similar to LS7

11.5:1 compression ratio. Direct fuel injection, cylinder deactivation; continuously variable valve timing; active fuel management

New engine has a unique and complex piston head.

New LT1 V8 has 50 lb-ft more low-end torque than current LS3 V8; matches the LS7 V8 from the Z06.

Premium fuel recommended, but not required

Spark plug is in the center of the chamber. Intake and exhaust valves are reversed.

There will be an 11.5 quart dry sump oil system available for the new LT1 V8

6,600 RPM fuel cut off in the new LT1 motor

All the new technologies on the LT1 make it a heavier motor than the LS3 (By how much?)

Patent-pending PCV system

Final performance ratings will come in 2013

Peak horsepower around 6,000 RPM; peak torque around 4,000 RPM

New combustion process to be documented in an SAE paper to be published in the Spring of 2013

LT1 is the first OHV engine with Direct Injection